Guardian of a Gangster

Guardian of a Gangster is a coming of age story. It’s about two boys who grow up in the neighborhood of the Avenues gang in Northeast L.A. Set in 1992, around the time of the Rodney King riots they both join the gang, following their family’s path. But a separation begins to divide their friendship apart. However, there is a secret from their past that bonds them forever and at the same time sends them on different life courses.

The novel is inspired by the true story of two brothers: one joined the notorious Avenues gang as the other sought self-healing while at a boy’s home.


9 thoughts on “Guardian of a Gangster

  1. Hi James – just read your Learning the Lesson article on Tiny Buddha – a wonderful story about your compassion for James and care for Sara – God Bless You – Grant.

  2. Good on ya for committing this to paper. I am writing a similar story – though nothing is really the same except for the theme of redemption from a painful childhood and a journey to wellness. Glad to know you are out there Rudy, and I look forward to reading your book soon.

  3. Not sure if you received my first post…..just read your story re Learning Lessons…….made me cry a lot…..
    Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability in your writing…..
    At times I wish we could “already learn the lesson”, rather than a repeat……..

    Thank you again…..wonderful post….

      • Cally
        Me too. I wish I can learn it the first time- most times.
        Thank you for your post. I cried so much writing it.
        Blessings to you
  4. Hey Rudy, my name is Ervin I was a boy in rancho San Antonio. I was in the J/A dorm almost five years ago. Before I left you have given me a copy of your book, but I lost it recently, nd was wodering if you have another link other than amazon where I’m able to buy one of your book

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